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Import content items from CSV

Provide a CSV file to bulk import content items for a content type.

Feature introduced in v1.1.2

Raytha provides a straight forward way to import content items in bulk from CSV format. On any admin list view, click New Task and then click Import from CSV.

On the next screen you will be provided a choice on how you want the records in your CSV to be processed.
  • Add new records only - This will ignore records where the Id already exists. If there is no Id specified or the Id is not recognized, it will insert the row as a new content item.
  • Upsert all records - This will both add new records as well as update any existing records that might have been found. 
  • Update existing records only - This will ignore records where there is no Id value present or the Id is not recognized. If an Id locates a record, it will then update that record.

CSV requirements:
You must have a header row in the CSV file. At a minimum, you need a column with the header Template. The values in this column should be populated with developer name of the appropriate template.

An Id column is required if you plan to update existing records.

Beyond that, the remaining column headings should match name of the developer name of the field on the content type.

For example, the above screenshot can have the following headings in the CSV:


Special consideration regarding the following field types:
  • Radio and dropdown - The value should match the developer name value for the option configured in the field settings.
  • Multiple select - The value should match the developer name value for the option configured in the field settings, however, it supports multiple selections by separating the values with a semi-colon (;).
  • One to one relationship - This should be the Id of the related content item.
  • Attachment - Not currently supported.

You can upload your CSV file and then click Import as draft status or Import as published status.

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