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Enable different authentications and single sign on

Email and password, login by magic link, or configure SAML and Json Web Token based single sign on.

Raytha includes two authentication schemes by default: login by email and password for both administrators and public users, and login via magic link (disabled by default). In addition to these options, you can also create your own authentication schemes based on SAML or JWT. Multiple authentication schemes can be enabled at the same time, and can also be enabled or disabled separately for administrators and public users.

To update your authentication schemes, go to the left side navigation and click on the Settings option. From the Settings menu, select the Authentication option.

Screenshot of left side navigation's Authentication link

On the Authentication screen, you can edit the default Email and Password or Magic Link authentication schemes. To add a new authentication scheme based on SAML or JWT, click the "Create authentication scheme" button. Among the available settings, you can also specify the text to be displayed on the login button for each additional authentication scheme. All of your additional authentication schemes will be displayed on the login screen with buttons using the specified text.

Screenshot of authentication list view

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