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Update configuration and system wide settings

Organization name, time zone, date format, reply-to email address, and override default SMTP settings.

Manage system wide configuration

To access and update your system-wide settings, go to the left side navigation and click on the Settings option. From the Settings menu, select the Configuration option.

Screenshot of left side navigation's Configuration link

On the Configuration screen, you can update the following settings:

  • Organization Name: the name of your organization
  • Website URL: the URL of your organization's website
  • System time zone: the time zone that the system should use
  • Date format: the format that dates should be displayed in

These settings can also be accessed and modified using the CurrentOrganization variable in Liquid Templates, as described in a later article of this user guide.

In addition to the above settings, you can also update the default email settings by changing the reply-to name and email address. These are used when automated emails, such as welcome emails and password reset emails, are sent from Raytha.

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