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Set a content item as the home page

Choose which content item among all of your content types that serves as the default home page.

The default behavior in Raytha is to create a sample Home Page, which can be identified in the content item list view by the 'Home' icon next to the Edit link.

Screenshot showing the Home icon indicator

However, any content item or list view from any content type can be set as the home page. To make this change, you must have a role that includes the "Manage System" permission.

To set a different content item as the home page:

  1. Select the content type on the left side navigation and go to the content item list view.
  2. Click Edit on the content item you want to set as the home page.
  3. On the next screen, click the Settings option on the right side content item menu.
  4. Click the Set as home page button.

Animation of setting a content item as the home page

If, instead, you wish for a list view to serve as the home page:

  1. Click on the Published / Unpublished public settings configuration link at the top of the list view.
  2. Click Set as home page.

Click on the public settings configuration for the list view

Click Set as home page

To view the changes on your public-facing website, go back to the content item list view and click Live Website on the left side navigation. You should now see that your home page is pointing to the new content item.

Screenshot showing the Live Website link in the left side navigation

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